5 Injured in Shooting in Sweden

5 Injured in Shooting in Sweden
5 Injured in Shooting in Sweden

Hours ago, several people were injured after a suspected shooting in Helsingborg, Sweden, took place on Monday night.

The incident happened after an ‘argument with a possible shooting’ was reported to the police by many callers.  At least three injured people were taken to hospital after the incident in the southern Swedish city, and at least two others remained hurt at the scene, police said.


The police later said that the case was being classified as attempted murder. “Officers had brought in several people for questioning and seized various evidence but made no arrests,” it said.

Of the injured, “all five have stab or cut injuries,” while one of them might also have been shot, police said in a press release.

According to media reports, Sweden is well-known for its gang crime, especially in the urban areas of the Scandinavian country.

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