5 Brain Hacks to Make You Grasp Information Fast

5 Brain Hacks to Make You Grasp Information Fast
5 Brain Hacks to Make You Grasp Information Fast

We all agree that learning is extremely important but we cannot deny that it takes a lot of time. So, here are five hacks to widen your horizon and help you maintain information at lightning speed.

1) Discover Your Peak Moment When You Are the Most Attentive & Alert

Peak Moment

Everyone have sharp focus at some specific period during the day, which differs from person to person. Some are morning birds, while others are night owls.

In like manner, you must discover your peek moment to assist you retain information faster.

2) Focus on Topics One After the Other

Girl Focusing on Study

The second hack is dividing your topics into sections or parts. Some concepts require an additional amount of concentration to grasp fully.

Hence, you can jump from one topic to the other to make your efforts fruitless and retain the information faster.

3) Pause


We always want to rush through a material anytime we are reading, and the outcome is obvious-limited retention. The accurate way is to absorb info in small bits, pause to think on what you have read, revise the concept, then proceed.


4) Make it Pleasurable

Make it Pleasurable

If you are struggling to learn a topic, personalize it. You can do this by finding out how it applies to your personal life or career.

It’s a tricky hack as your brain may believe that you are thinking or recalling a personal thing while, in fact, you are retaining the information in your head.

5) Link What You Learn with Previous Knowledge

Experts affirm that you will grasp new information faster if you link new concepts with an existing idea you already have.

however, some claim that this method may establish an illusion of comprehension and mastery, but the knowledge fades away from our memory quickly.

Surprisingly, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, uses this learning strategy as he compares knowledge to a semantic tree.

Musk advises the public to ensure that they grasp the principles — the trunk and the branches before diving into the leaves or details.

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