Egypt, Burundi Discuss Enhancing Cooperation in Electricity, Renewable Energy

Egypt, Burundi Discuss Enhancing Cooperation in Electricity, Renewable Energy
Egypt, Burundi Discuss Enhancing Cooperation in Electricity, Renewable Energy

Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy discussed with Ibrahim Uwizeye, Burundi Minister of Energy and Mines ways to enhance cooperation between the two countries in the electricity and renewable energy sectors.

Shaker stressed the interest of the political leadership of Egypt to provide support and assistance to the state of Burundi in the fields of electricity and renewable energy, and that the Egyptian electricity sector puts all its capabilities to serve the sisterly state of Burundi and an affirmation of support for continuous cooperation with the state of Burundi, according to a press release, Sunday.

He gave a presentation in which he reviewed the capabilities of the Egyptian electricity and renewable energy sector, including the achievements he succeeded in achieving during the previous period.

On his part, Uwizeye praised the training courses provided by the Egyptian electricity sector to trainees from the Burundian electricity sector, as well as the workshop presented and implemented by Egypt in Burundi to repair electrical transformers to support the efficiency of the Burundian electricity network.

He also expressed his desire to use Egyptian expertise and companies to strengthen Burundi’s electricity networks.

In turn, Shaker affirmed the Egyptian electricity sector’s readiness to assist the Burundian side in preparing the necessary designs for the Burundian electricity networks, providing all aspects of technical support necessary to raise the efficiency of the electricity networks, and providing all training courses that will help the specialists involved in managing the Burundian electricity network.


The minister also confirmed the possibility of implementing electricity transmission and distribution projects through Egyptian companies working in the field of electricity as soon as the necessary funding is secured.

It is worth noting that since 2003, the Egyptian electricity and energy sector has trained a number of cadres in the Nile Basin countries, including 344 trainees from Burundi in the field of electricity and renewable energy, where 30 Burundian trainees are trained annually.

Shaker presented the Burundian counterpart with the possibility of providing special training courses for the Burundian side in one of the fields required by the Burundian network in order to develop the capabilities of engineers and technicians from the State of Burundi.


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