“Fireball” sighting lights up sky over Japan

“Fireball” sighting lights up sky over Japan
“Fireball” sighting lights up sky over Japan

On Monday, a brightly lighting meteor ”fireball” was seen plunging from the sky in the southwest of Japan, capturing attention on social media platforms, according to international reports.

In the same context, social media was abuzz Monday after a number of citizens revealed that an object emitting an intense light ”fireball” had been spotted falling from the skies and penetrating the atmosphere above Japan in the early hours of the dawn.

Later on, numerous internet users took to Twitter and Instagram to share and document the fireball in the southern sky.

In the viral video, the meteor glowed strongly as it rapidly descended through the Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday.

According to RIA Novosti, the meteor was seen descending towards earth for a few seconds, before emitting a powerful light.


A similarly bright shooting star was observed moving from southwest to northeast in the sky above Tokyo in November.

Watch the viral video of the fireball below:



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