Netanyahu Calls for Direct vote to Choose  New PM in Israel

Netanyahu Calls for Direct vote to Choose  New PM in Israel
Netanyahu Calls for Direct vote to Choose  New PM in Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel‘s Prime Minister (PM) has called for a direct vote to choose a politician for the premiership in the Hebrew State.

Netanyahu’s negotiations with the  heads of  the Israeli  parties won over the last legislative elections held on March 23 failed to form a new coalition to govern in Israel over the next period.

He met earlier today, Monday, with the Likud’s members of the Knesset (the Israeli parliament).

He stressed that he refuses to appoint Naftali Bennett, chairman of Yemena party,   to be the  Prime Minister and considered this idea an absurd one.


Israel‘s PM announced supporting a proposal submitted by Shas (a Zionist Orthodox)  party to hold a direct  vote to choose the new Prime Minister  to avoid the fifth parliamentarian in Israel within two years.

Netanyahu criticized Naftali Bennett as saying it is the moment of truth for him

He urged Bennett to choose either to hold direct elections or acknowledge to plan to form pro-leftist government through partnership with Yair Lapid, chairman of Yesh Atid (There is future) and the Labor parties.

He warned Bennett not to support a leftist government now or later.

On the other hand, Netanyahu also called Gideon Sa’ar, chairman of Tekva Hadasha ( New Hope) to join the Likud to from a new rightist  strong government which Israel needs in the current period.

He explained that a leftist government depends on Lapid, the Labor and the Joint Arab List or a rightist stable strong government that rules for four years.

Bennett’s party won seven seats in the last election but both the Likud and its opponent need the support of Bennett to form the majority in the Knesset of sixty seats.

On his part, Lapid held another press conference to reveal   hope to join Bennett to form the new government in Israel.

It is worth noting that Reuven Rivilin, Israel’s President, tasked Benjamin Netanyahu on April 6 to form a new coalition but Netanyahu’s efforts  were in vain.

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