Kim Kardashian breaks social media silence since filing for divorce

On Monday, American media personality Kim Kardashian took to social media to pay tribute to her later father, Robert, on his birthday.

Kardashian broke her social media silence, since filing for divorce after seven years of marriage, with a sweet message that reminded all parents of the huge — and lasting — impact they can have on their children’s lives.

She shared a throwback photo on Instagram of her siblings and father. She also penned a direct message to her dad, who passed away in 2003 in her caption.

“Happy Birthday Dad! I celebrate you every single day but today even more. So much to tell you! I called your cell phone number just wondering if anyone would pick up after all these years. I actually can’t believe I remembered it. Please come visit me in a dream soon. ???????? Also can you pretty please send down a sign in the form of those symbols/birds we always talked about?!?! I just miss you sooooo much!”, the media personality wrote.



Kardashian and West have been living separately for months. The turning point in their relationship came in 2018 when he said in a TMZ interview that ‘slavery was a choice.’

The breaking point occurred in summer 2020 when he aired personal details about their relationship during his presidential bid before lashing out on Twitter, accusing her of trying to lock him up with a doctor and insinuating he cheated on her while mentioning divorce.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

She met with her now divorce attorney Laura Wasser in July for the first time. The divorce has come together quickly. The pair are working on dividing their shared assets fairly though both did sign prenups which will help protect their combined $2.1B in assets.

According to Forbes, who has estimated around $70M in shared assets, the pair will divide things up based on the terms of their prenups. That sum accounts for their shared homes, art, vehicles and jewelry among other things, but each of them owns and operates their own companies including KKW Beauty, Skims and Yeezy.

Additionally, the divorce has outlined joint physical and legal custody of the kids.

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